#25 - Why It Is Important to Be a Transparent & Sustainable CBD Brand | D. Kaonohi - Element Apothec

#25 – Why It Is Important to Be a Transparent & Sustainable CBD Brand | D. Kaonohi – Element Apothec

– On this episode of Smells Like Business Tom is having a chat with Davina Kaonohi. Davina is the CEO and Co-Founder of Element Apothec, a recently launched wellness skin and body care brand using CBD (and other minor cannabinoids) along with other natural ingredients. We discuss the different ways in which the company is creating brand awareness in an ever increasingly crowded and competitive CBD market. We also discuss the importance of building trust with your customers, and how being a transparent company can help you achieve this. Davina shares how Element Apothec is creating products with organic ingredients and sustainable practices, and how the CBD industry as a whole needs to develop.


Other topics discussed:

– Collaboration with TagOne to achieve transparency
– Is crowdfunding a useful tool to help launch a new brand
– What are CBG and CBN and what do they do?
– The family history tied to the remedies
– Working with wholesalers and distributors vs. having your own e-commerce
– Working with Influencers and brand ambassadors
– What it’s like collaborating with Showfields, an artistic and theme oriented department store


Element Apothec – www.elementapothec.com

Instagram – @elementapothec

LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/company/element-apothec/

Davina Kaonohi – www.linkedin.com/in/dkaonohi/

TagOne – www.tagone.com/

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