#ASKDOM: The Must-Know Property Market Essentials to Kickstart 2020

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There’s no doubt that 2019 was a roller coaster year for property investors.The market swung wildly from free-falling prices to what may well be the fastest recovery in real estate history. The question that many of you have been asking over the holidays is, “Where to next?”

On this today’s ‘Ask Dom’ Live Session, I will be talking about the must-know property essentials to kick start 2020 and how to make this year your best ever.

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Dominique Grubisa is a practising lawyer with more than two decades of experience. She is one of Australia’s leading property educators and asset protection specialists. She is also a property investor, developer and entrepreneur.

Dominique has built a business from start-up to turning over tens of millions of dollars. She writes and speaks on law, business, wealth and property. Her passion is making the legal system fairer and more accessible for everyone. She does this by empowering people by sharing knowledge.

Dominique knows how to build wealth and succeed in business and property. She educates, coaches and advises thousands of clients on how to grow and protect wealth

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