ASMR Lucid Dreaming Therapy For Sleep | Soft Spoken RP

ASMR Lucid Dreaming Therapy For Sleep | Soft Spoken RP

I would like to dedicate this video, my first public video with my new Rode microphones, to TheOneLilium for making her original Lucid Dreaming Experiment Series ( – that series singlehandedly kicked my insomnia’s ass for YEARS and gave me the power to really harness my own lucid dreams and reduce my nightmares. I’ve always wanted to do a Lucid Dreaming series but wanted it to be PERFECT… finally, I decided to just do it instead of waiting for perfection, and make it happen.


This is the last video I made before I got SICK sick, I was out of breath a lot during it and couldn’t figure out why I felt weird and then the next day, BAM. Out for several days. The lighting is a touch odd as my mics & my softboxes don’t play nicely in a small area haha I’m still trying to figure out how to light my videos while keeping my mics out of view and from producing shadows on me. I’ll get it all smoothed out at some point XD

Introduction ~ 00:00 – 02:55
Explaining Lucid Dreaming ~ 02:55 – 09:14
Tips To Induce Lucid Dreaming ~ 09:14 – 14:05
Progressive Relaxation & Tension Reduction ~ 14:05 – 25:13
Deep Breathing Exercises ~ 25:13 – 26:15
Positive Affirmations ~ 26:15 – 28:14
Hypnotic Suggestions For Lucid Dreaming ~ 28:14 – 32:45
Dream Immersion Questions ~ 32:45 – 36:07
Positive Affirmations/Reinforcement ~ 36:07 – 39:03
Final Bits ~ 39:03 – 40:03

Hope y’all enjoy, have a whale of a day! 🙂

xx Calliope

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