CBD Oil Dosage

Every brand mentions certain guidelines on the amount of CBD that you should take. But these are just some general guidelines. Everybody’s body is different and they have different problems. There is no one size fits all.
So you should really try the dose that suits you. Many people have reported that CBD Oil hasn’t had any impact on them, one reason might be that they only took the dosage recommended on the bottle and never increased it.


Anyways here is how you can find out what is the ideal dosage of CBD for you.

So the first step is:
Finding your sweet spot
You need to find out the exact amount of CBD that suits you. The best way to start is by taking 10 mgs of CBD per day. You can split it by taking 5 mg in the morning and 5 mg in the evening or you can take it at once.

Keep taking the same dose for at least 4 days and then if you don’t feel any change, double it to 20 mg per day. Then again wait for 4 days.

This way you can keep on doubling your dose until you reach a point where you feel it is really making a difference.

How to know if you are Overdosing
The best way to know if you are taking a larger amount of CBD than your body needs, is to look for side effects. The most usual signs of which are: Dry Mouth, Drowsiness, Dizziness, Diarrhea, Nausea and Vomiting. The more you overdose, the more severe the side effect.

So there you have it: The best way to find out your ideal dosage of CBD Oil.

The Second Question is how to find out many drops or capsules do you need to take for 10 mg of CBD.
See there are some brands who have clearly mentioned that you get, say 10 mg of CBD per serving. However some just tell you the total amount of CBD present in the bottle. In order to calculate the amount of CBD per serving, divide the total CBD present in a bottle by the total number of drops in the bottle.
So now you know how many drops you need to take in order to take 10 mg of CBD.
If there is no mention of the total number of CBD in a bottle, it probably is a scam.

If you are buying from a reputable brand then you shouldn’t need to calculate the exact dosage etc. It will be all mentioned on the bottle.

I hope you found this video useful.