CBD Oil For Acne & Dry Skin

CBD Oil For Acne & Dry Skin

I am talking about how my skin has been feeling and what I am using to ease the symptoms of dryness, itchiness and inflammation.
My skin has been really bad and burning. I have Acne-Prone Skin that is dry and needs a little bit of love.

I have been experimenting and I have been using this product on and off for about 2 months now. Time stamps are down below for more information 🥰

Use products in their intended use and this video is only for entertainment purposes only.

*Time Stamps*
– 0:00 How My Skin Is Doing
– 1:00 Disclaimer
– 1:12 The Product
– 2:09 MCT Oil
– 2:44 CBD Oil
– 3:29 How It’s Made
– 3:59 CBD Oil VS Hemp Oil
– 4:59 Is It Good For Acne?
– 5:43 Is It Good For Oily Skin?
– 6:29 Does It Help With Sign Of Aging?
– 7:10 Antioxidant VS Others
– 7:45 What To Look For In Products (CBD)
– 9:15 Brand & Product
– 9:43 What It Looks Like & Scent
– 9:58 Application & How My Skin Feels Lately
– 12:55 Results & How It Feels After

Today my video and all footage got deleted so I had to film another video for today I hope you’ll like it ♥️


CBD Oil Paula’s Choice Website

Coconut Oil For Face

On other websites, it says that MCT Oil can clog pores so there is information on both ends of the spectrum. If you have Oily Skin, be careful on what you put on your skin and make sure to test on 1 part of the face before everywhere.
I am not a dermatologist or skin professional so make sure to do your own research and to ask professionals.

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