DIY Champi for healthy hair and scalp

DIY Champi for healthy hair and scalp

Guideline 8 – Champi for healthy hair and scalp


Our skin is the largest organ of the body but often the most overlooked one. When we get out of shape, all we can talk about is how fat we look on our stomach or thighs but we rarely pay attention to how the skin is looking. Dull, tired and flaky skin is a sign of lack of good health but our grandmothers had a good solution for it. The good old champi (hair massage).

Yes, the scalp is also a part of the skin. And a lot of us complain about poor hair quality or hair loss and even alopecia but do very little to optimise scalp health. In fact, most of us just assume that if we have pcod or thyroid, its ok to have hair fall and poor skin. We opt for expensive treatments to cure it but don’t use our kitchen optimally for it. So here goes – a DIY for your hair and scalp.

• Heat coconut oil
• When hot, add kadi patta leaves
• Remove from gas
• Add methi seeds (or hemp seeds)
• Add hibiscus flower
• 1 tsp of aliv seeds
• Let it cool overnight
• Filter and massage on your scalp

How to do champi – Follow the steps shown in the video. Leave it overnight or atleast for 30 mins. (Excellent way to de-stress also).

How often – Once a week.

Special tip – Next time throw a champi party with your friends, looks cooler than champagne party and saves you from over styling your hair.

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