Dont buy Weedborn CBD its junk .CBD Oil saved old cat from euthanasia * UPDATE : he passed oct 1st

**Update : he passed on oct 1st 2019 …so CBD oil bought me 11 precious months with my best friend)
After spending over 700$ of vets and chemical meds I still didnt know what my cat had exactly. Irriteable bowl syndrom ( that doesnt say anything! Just that no nutrients are absorbed by his guts ) …but why!?? This HOUSE cat was always fed so called « holistic » kibbles and cans all his life (16 years). And at 14 years old the problems started: diarhea , vomiting and extreme diarhea. I would switch to another « holistic » food and he would be ok for 2-3 weeks and then the diarhea would start again. The cat was also waisting away badly and after 2-3 years of trying different vets and doing different test$ …We were STILL in the dark ; not only the cat was NOT getting anywhere with the SHIT chemicals they filled him with ; but he was waisting away and getting weaker and weaker. …until I SMARTENED UP and went to get him CBD OIL !!!