Fish Oil and Skin Complexion – Are There Real Benefits?

You’ve probably heard the benefits of omega 3 fish based oils a hundred times already. But were you aware that there was indeed a connection between fish oil and skin complexion?

Fish oil and skin complexion

The root of this connection is inflammation. We suffer from skin conditions like dryness, acne, blemishes, psoriasis, rashes and eczema due to high levels of inflammation in our body.

This is why, if you are subject to these conditions, it is likely that you are deficient in omega 3 acid fats. This is because omega 3 fatty acids helps to regulate inflammation.

The richest source of omega 3 that we know of is fatty fish (tuna, salmon, sardines, hoki). There are 2 essential fatty acids in omega 3 — DHA and EPA, both of which have anti-inflammatory properties.

This is how fish based oils can improve your skin health. However, the benefits don’t just stop at reducing inflammation.

DHA and EPA can also promote hydration of skin cells. The result of this is more supple skin and better moisture retention, preventing skin conditions.

Improved moisture retention has other benefits, however. It results in healthier cell function, which helps to cleanse the pores of dirt and toxins.

So there you have it, the beneficial connection between fish oil and skin complexion. I’m not saying that fish based oil is a cure for skin conditions altogether.

However, your skin can and will be remarkably improved, more than many other medicines can claim. This can all be achieved by using a high quality fish supplement; low quality or sub-standard oil will not work as well.

A high quality fish based oil is one that has been properly purified by molecular distillation. This makes it safe to consume as it removes many kinds of harmful toxins from the oil.

Source by Scott D Oakley