How CBD Can Help Treat Glaucoma in Dogs

Glaucoma in dogs is more common than you may have known! This eye disease places pressure on the eye(s), slowly deteriorating the dog’s vision. This also creates stress, frustration, and twinges of pain.


Glaucoma in dogs happens to about 1.7% of all our four-legged friends in the United States. As of now, treatments aren’t too readily available and those that do pursue it will see fairly expensive treatment options such as laser surgery.

One solution to help glaucoma in dogs, or at least ease the dog’s troubles, is with CBD products.

These products help reduce inflammation and pain caused by these issues, and a lot of the troubles associated with the slow loss of vision.

Our video shares a complete overview of glaucoma in dogs, using CBD oil, and other helpful resources to ensure your pooch is happy as they ever were.

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