Major Benefits of Super C Complex Tablets Over Regular Vitamin C

Vitamin C Complex Ingredients


Vitamin C is a partially understood vitamin. Ascorbic acid, which is considered to be Vitamin C by many people, is an antioxidant. But actually, ascorbic acid is only the antioxidant factor of a nutritional complex that contains a several other nutrients all made up into one package and called the Vitamin C Complex.

If you give the whole vitamin C complex to your body, things start happening. When Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, who originally discovered Vitamin C, tried to cure the illness called scurvy and other bleeding conditions, he found that using red pepper or lemon or lime juice, the condition was cured, and he ended up isolating Vitamin C.

The full vitamin C complex also contains the P factors, which have to do with blood vessels. People who bruise easily or who have “pink toothbrush” do not have enough of these. Their blood vessels break too easily and this results in bleeding. The P factors make the vessels stronger and more durable.

Vitamin K is another part of the C complex. It helps in blood clotting. Those who bleed do not have enough vitamin K.

Another part of the C complex is J. The J factor increases the oxygen carrying ability of the blood. If you have a cold, you want the oxygen to get to your tissues and oxidize the toxins and to get rid of them as carbon dioxide and water.

In addition to all the above, the C complex also contains enzymes. The main one is tyrosinase, which is organic copper enzyme, an adrenal activator.

What Real Vitamin C Will Do

Blood vessels begin to strengthen. Collagen is produced more easily. Bones absorb calcium and other minerals properly. Capillaries firm up and bleeding stops. Gums stop bleeding, teeth become tighter, and cell oxygenation becomes more efficient. This will then result in better circulation to the heart, more oxygen in the blood, and thus better heart function. These changes, including the strengthening of the immune system, can be measured on lab and other tests.

The following are Some Of The Best C Complex Food Sources:

  • 1 large Kiwi: 89mg
  • 1 Guava: 165mg
  • 1 cup of Blackcurrants: 202mg
  • 1 Large Red Bell Pepper: 283mg

If you get vitamin C from somewhere other than a whole food source, be sure you buy the entire vitamin C complex. Also, there is pulverized and dehydrated Acerola berry available. This would provide a very concentrated source of completely natural vitamin C with of its other components intact.

Source by John Dime