Over the Counter Medications For Panic Attacks

Over the counter medications for panic attacks have shown great success in reducing anxiety and panic attacks. Many people do not want to take prescription medication for fear of addiction and side effects. It is also widely recommended that other more natural forms of treatment are tried first and prescription meds be left as a last resort. Here is a list of some over the counter medications for panic attacks.



This medication was recommended by a few panic attack sufferers. The company doesn’t proclaim to offer medical advice. The product is not FDA approved but is made with ingredients that are FDA regulated.  The health benefits of Clarocet are supported by independent clinical evaluation. And the company does urge you to seek council from a qualified physician for proper diagnosis.


This product is an herbal supplement. The extract from the Valerian plant has been shown to help with anxiety symptoms. There have been clinical trials with excellent results. The effects of Valerian are seen almost immediately and it has shown no indication of being addictive.

Passion Flower:

The extract from this flower is a substance called vitexin. This substance is shown to have relaxing effects.

Green Tea:

L-theanine is the ingredient in green tea that has the anti-anxiety affect. It is recommended to take in supplement form rather than drinking.


Has been shown to reduce the effects of anxiety. Has also been tied to liver damage and isn’t on the top of most recommendation lists anymore. 


Natural smells have been shown to reduce tension and the effects of anxiety. Experimentation is key here. But some smells that have shown success are: sandalwood, lavender, jasmine, and even baby powder. This is more dependent on the individual.

Never mix over the counter meds with prescription meds. It is also recommended that you consult with your doctor before taking any of the meds described on this page.

Source by Ken Pedroza