Peaceful Self-Care (Garden, Journaling, Books, Personal Development)

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If you need to speak with someone right away, I also want to share this crisis hotline number. 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

In today’s video I wanted to share some of these ways I choose peace and serenity in my own life. I’m learning to surrender in the areas I can’t control, and focus my energy and time on what I can control.

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The Habit Journal is from https://www.evergreenjournals.com
The journal has 50 pages of quotes, tips, statistics, and example goals before getting into the blank pages of journaling. In this video I shared footage of the pages with example goals. Those weren’t my personal goals, but examples already printed in the book. Someone was confused with the example section about “relationship goals.” haha I didn’t show a close up shot in this video of my personal goals that I had written.. just wanted to clarify in case there was any confusion.




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