PlusCBD Extra Strength Softgels & Liquids | Like Magic in a Bottle

PlusCBD Extra Strength Softgels & Liquids | Like Magic in a Bottle

Looking for CBD that is a bit extra? Whether you’re already using CBD and want a stronger product or are new to CBD and want to jump in with both feet, you’ll appreciate increased CBD in PlusCBD Extra Strength Softgels and Liquids. An effortless way to get high milligrams of CBD in every serving, Extra Strength Formula PlusCBD contains hemp extracts that have been distilled to enrich the CBD. The distillation process concentrates CBD while still retaining the minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids that offer all the benefits of full spectrum hemp with the added power of extra CBD.


There are many reasons our award winning PlusCBD Extra Strength products are the #1 selling natural CBD in the U.S., including top quality ingredients, highly effective distilled hemp extracts, and more. For those who find that they need higher levels of cannabinoids to reach the health outcomes they’re looking for, our Extra Strength Formula is the most efficient way to take advantage of high potency CBD for intensive stress, sleep, and soreness support.

Like all CV Sciences products, PlusCBD Extra Strength Softgels and Liquids are made in our cGMP facility, third party tested for safety and consistency, and back by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

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PlusCBD™ from CV Sciences is the number one natural market CBD. Our full spectrum hemp extracts keep you balanced when modern life tries to trip you up. Confirmed safe and demonstrated to work through extensive research, PlusCBD™ is available in gummies, tinctures, capsules, topical balms, and more to transform your health.

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