RHR: Reevaluating Cholesterol and Its Effect on Our Health, with Marit Zinöcker

For the last several years, the medical establishment has vigorously promoted the notion that high cholesterol is a primary risk factor for coronary heart disease, and that a diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol causes heart disease, despite the overwhelming body of evidence that suggests otherwise. In this episode of Revolution Health Radio, I sat down with food scientist and nutritional biologist Marit Zinöcker to explore her team’s new research called the homeoviscous adaptation to dietary lipids (HADL) model, which challenges the diet-heart hypothesis and the mainstream approach to reducing cholesterol, preventing heart disease, and defining a “healthy” diet.


In this episode, we discuss:
0:00 Intro
4:50 Setting the stage: Marit’s LDL cholesterol research
10:29 The diet-heart hypothesis
17:48 Why saturated fat affects people differently
21:32 The new HADL model explained
31:09 The genetic and evolutionary response to saturated fat
34:37 Why we should be skeptical of the length of time in a clinical study on LDL cholesterol
37:43 The role of inflammation and gut microbiota with high LDL cholesterol
45:22 How this hypothesis can be considered in a clinical setting
53:46 Criticisms of the HADL hypothesis

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