#TerpeneTuesday on In The Weeds With The Green Nurse Sherri talking about the terpene Terpineol

#TerpeneTuesday on In The Weeds With The Green Nurse Sherri talking about the terpene Terpineol

#TerpeneTuesday on In The Weeds with The Green Nurse Sherri Tutkus and this week we are going to be discussing the terpene, Terpineol.


First let’s discuss what a terpene is …

Terpene’s are organic compounds that produce specific smells and tastes. They are found in cannabis, essential oils, plants, trees, and foods.
In cannabis the terpenes help ward off attacks from animals, insects, and fungus during the growth cycle of the plant. When a cannabis plant goes through the curation process, the terpenes become oxidized resulting in what we know are terpenoids.

Terpenes contribute to the entourage effect and have their own healing properties. The entourage effect suggests that utilizing cannabinoids and terpenes together produces more potent medicinal effects rather than using isolated compounds. The whole of the plat is greater than it’s individual parts.

Plants containing terpineol have been used for centuries as natural remedies. For example, the lime blossom, also referred to as the linden flower, was used in traditional European medicine to treat colds, coughs and flu. In TEA form, the lime blossom has been called the “nectar of kings” for its soft, sweet scent and health benefits.
Terpineol smells like – Lilac, pine, citrus, lime, woody, floral
Its found In natural Sources – Pine trees, tea tree oil, lemons, limes, juniper berry, nutmeg

In Everyday Life Terpineol is used as a scent and flavoring agent in foods, perfumes, cosmetics, soaps, lotions and cleaning products. These types of products that have a gentle lilac profile may contain terpineol. It is found in lapsang souchong tea that emits a pine smokey aroma. It is used as a flavoring agent in baked goods.

Medicinal Properties and Therapeutic Benefits
anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumor and antimicrobial properties. It can enhance the permeability of skin to lipid-soluble compounds, which may help create a topical entourage effect with lipophilic cannabinoids. If you want to utilize the anti-acne effects of the lipophilic cannabinoid CBD, combining it with a small amount of terpineol may improve bioavailability which may improve the possible therapeutic results.

Strains high in Terpineol are,
Jack Herer, White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush

STUDIES – 22 Studies
No double blind
No human
Animal and Lab Studies

STUDIES BY ORGAN SYSTEM – Nervous, Digestive, Immune, Respiratory, Integumentary, Mental/Emotional, Endocrine, Muscular

TOP CONDITIONS STUDIED – Bacterial Infections, Lung Cancer, Asthma, Peripheral Neuropathy, Stomach Ulcers, Depression, Liver Cancer, Fatty Liver Disease and Herpes

Some Studies
Anti-inflammatory Study – published in 2007 in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and another published in 2010 in Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology. Yielded positive results for terpineol as a potential new component to treat inflammation and pain.

Antioxidant Study in 2011 in Food and Chemical Toxicology, indicated that a-terpineol had a stronger antioxidant effect when compared to commercial antioxidants. The scientists found this outcome to be encouraging for future studies with terpineol fighting certain types of cancer such as breast cancer and chronic myeloid leukemia

Anticancer Study in 2010 Study published in Anticancer Research results suggested that terpineol inhibited the growth of in vitro cancerous tumor cells, especially those of small cell lung carcinoma. May be able to destroy certain cancers such as lung cancer cells and leukemia cells (erythroleukemic K562)

Antimicrobial Study in 2012 published in the journal Anaerobe found that a-terpineol exhibited strong antimicrobial activity against oral bacteria.
Researchers recommended low levels of terpineol in conjunction with linalool to be incorporated into toothpaste or gargling solutions.

There is so much therapeutic potential with terpenoids and cannabinoids together. We have so much more to learn.

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