The Benefit of Supartz Injections

Supartz Injections were first used in Japan to treat patients experiencing knee pain due to joint inflammation or osteoarthritis. It was considered as the primary hyaluronan medication which helps restore fluid in the joint. This treatment is the last option for patients who have failed to respond to other forms of treatments such as physical therapy, acetaminophen and exercise.


What Makes a Supartz Injection?

Supartz injections contain hyaluronate or hyaluronn which is just like the fluid naturally produced in human joints. This substance helps the knees move smoothly and lessens the pain caused by drying out of the fluid. It acts like a lubricant or cushion for the knees as it moves. Hyaluronan is found in joint cartilage as well as the synovial fluid that fill up the joints.

What to Expect with Supartz Injection

A medical practitioner will administer treatment on your affected joint. This is usually done once a week for a specific period of time, depending on severity. In some cases, excess fluids needs to be extracted from the affected joint before Supartz is injected. Depending on your condition and your response to treatment, your dosage may increase or decrease and this will be decided by your doctor.

Supartz should not be administered directly into human veins and arteries because negative side effects are likely to occur. For 48 hours after injection, the patient should prevent any activities that can stress the knees such as standing for long hours, jogging and lifting heavy objects. Patients may also experience inflammation and more pain in your knee. If the pain persists or worsens, you must consult your doctor ASAP. It may take 3 or more injections for patients to fully enjoy the benefits of Supartz Injections.

Significant Benefits of Supartz

Supartz injections are a valuable substance in the management of knee-joint pains and osteoarthritis. This intra-articular injection has been proven safe by the FDA and its main goal is to increment the poor value of hyaluronan fluid in the affected knee with an additional volume of highly purified hyaluronan. Supartz is an effective pain management solution for the knees that is composed of solution with pure sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid taken from rooster combs.

Patients can fully enjoy the advantages of Supartz injections after the 3rd administration but you must also stick to your doctor’s orders and avoid any kind of strenuous activities a couple of days after treatment. When effective, the solution helps minimize joint pain and in turn improves the patient’s range of motion, daily function and his quality of life.

Source by Jonathan Berns, D.C.