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You’re probably well aware of green leaf and its potential by now. The U.S. market is gradually opening up; more and more states are adopting some form of legalization.

But, what if I told you that this may not be the best area to zero in on green leaf any longer? Suppose I also said that it’s becoming increasingly saturated and challenging to find an opening because the industry is so hot.

If you’re a new disruptor trying to get involved in the flourishing North American market, good luck. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a niche and unique positioning. If you think you can become the next Tilray or Canopy Growth overnight, you may not have an enjoyable time doing so.

In this day and age, the best green leaf companies to possibly bet on are those thinking outside the box, doing things differently, or in markets outside of North America.

Don’t be fooled by the name. This isn’t another Colorado green leaf company trying to make a name for itself in an overcrowded market. Instead, through unique operations in Switzerland, this is a company that has positioned itself to potentially disrupt a robust EU green leaf market.

The best part? By thinking outside of the box, it’s already seen its revenue jump a shocking 467% Year-Over-Year.(2)

I have friends in the space, too, that own dispensaries, skeptical of how much further new North American upstarts can go.
Think about it. Do you realize that Europe’s addressable CB market has a population of approximately 746.4 million, or double the U.S. Market?(1)

Additionally, as of 2020, the market was worth about €450 million, or 31% of the global market share.(1) Through 2023, this market could skyrocket to at least €1.5 billion and grow by an astronomical 400%.(1)

“Wolf Entertainment LLC has been paid $1,150 USD via paypal by a third party for 5/25/2021 to provide coverage for CB of Denver (OTC:CBDD)

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