Understanding the PAGG Stack in The 4 Hour Body

When you begin the slow-carb diet, one of the first supplements you’ll look for is this “stack” referred to as PAGG. It’s called a stack because you have to take a stack of pills at once to get it done (more on fixing that later)!


The whole idea for PAGG started when Tim Ferriss spent some time talking to a homeless guy. The guy told him the secret to him losing 100 pounds was chowing down on garlic. That led to some experimentation, and eventually we get the stack.

To help figure this thing out, I’ve broken down the pieces into easier-to-understand chunks.

What is PAGG?

PAGG is actually four different supplements that you take together. The trick is you don’t take them all together all at once. You’ll take them at each meal and once before bed, but the ones you take depend on when you’re taking them.

First, let’s go over what’s in the PAGG stack.

Policosanol is a plant extract that people take to help with their cholesterol. Tim Ferriss also found that it also increased his fat loss.

Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant your body uses naturally to help turn the glucose you eat into energy for your muscles.

Green tea flavanols are extracts from – you guessed it – green tea. They apparently help direct sugar to muscles, like ALA, but they also help kill off unused fat cells as they’re emptied (apoptosis). That means they can’t fill up again!

Garlic is something a lot of people have been using for a long time for health benefits. It’s useful in regulating cholesterol. Ferriss includes it because of tests dealing with cholesterol levels and a noticed connection between allicin (the reason for including garlic) and (a lack of) fat gain.

When do you take it?

There’s a very specific dosage in The 4 Hour Body.

At meals:

Alpha lipoic acid, 300-900 mg.

Green tea flavanols, 325 mg.

Garlic extract, 200 mg.

Before bed:

Policosanol, 23 mg.

Alpha lipoic acid, 300-900 mg.

Green tea flavanols, 325 mg.

Garlic extract, 200 mg.

Are there any concerns?

Everything in the PAGG stack occurs naturally anyway, so there are no weird chemicals to worry about. There could be some side effects, however (not everything natural is also safe, you know).

The most common side effect I’ve come across among the 4HB community is slight headaches. I’ve never experienced them myself, but I believe they’re just temporary. The other common one is bad breath, but what do you expect from downing garlic? Finding a better aged garlic can help with that.

I recommend that you consult your doctor before starting any supplement regimen, especially if you’re already taking something else. Blood thinners and policosanol don’t play well together, for example, because it does a bit of blood thinning on its own. Additionally, it may not be a good idea if you’re a woman who is breastfeeding or pregnant.

Does it work?

I haven’t found any studies precisely that show it works as a compound, but each of the ingredients has had some studies done (which is why they were included in the first place).

Anecdotally, many people who take PAGG while following the slow-carb diet report that it does help. When I started taking it, I lost more weight and inches than I had before, but I’ve never done controlled studies on myself. There are others who will say they took it and didn’t notice any difference. Among those who saw a difference and those who didn’t, it’s difficult to know how well they were sticking to the diet anyway.

My recommendation is to treat it like any other supplement. Many people take fish oil, for example, because it is reported to help with a lot of things. Many people also don’t take fish oil. It boils down to personal preference. Will you get benefits from it? Very likely. Will you fail if you don’t take it? Absolutely not.

If you have any doubts, try it and see. If you find it helps your fat loss, then you’ve just found an edge over others who are trying to lose weight as well.

Where do you find it?

You can get the separately at most vitamin shops, or you can find them online. You’ll find all four components sold separately, but you can also find a couple versions that have combined the doses into one pill each. So instead of 3-4 pills per dose, you’re only taking 1. Google “4hb pagg stack” to find some good places to get it from.

Source by Robert Leigh