What is CBD?| Benefits of CBD| CBD hemp oil

What is CBD?| Benefits of CBD| CBD hemp oil video


This is a short video helping to educate people on what is CBD? The benefits of CBD and what CBD hemp oil is compared to THC and marijuana.

I have been in the CBD industry for about 3 years and I am very passionate about helping lives with this amazing plant and products.

Club 8 is a new CBD referral based company that is leading the way with new CBD technology and products being made by Isodiol. The company is currently in a straightline soft launch phase (click here to join) http://launchcbdnow.com

I think people are finally becoming more open minded and welcoming of CBD and can’t wait to see what this company can do.

If you would like to be a part of this journey click the link and join. http://launchcbdnow.com

You can message me directly on FB at www.facebook.com/messages/fassstlaine

What is CBD?| Benefits of CBD| CBD hemp oil video https://youtu.be/wVyCyB4fCmc


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